New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease 2012-2016

The New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease (NMSSP) was created by a statewide leadership team during 2010 to address the health status and needs of New Mexicans with multiple chronic diseases. The Chronic Disease Prevention Council (CDPC) was tasked with the facilitation of the application of the plan. The mission and the goals in the plan are from various state programs and are made applicable to statewide needs. The plan identifies common risk factors, promotes multi-level prevention and management strategies, and aims to improve health at both the individual and community level.

The NMSSP is being implemented between 2012-2016 with progresses tracked and evaluated by CDPC. Quarterly meetings and communication activities, including a website serve as a forum to highlight members’ NMSSP related work. The plan has been shared with the public to help influence advocacy efforts and legislation related to chronic disease.

A shared plan is needed as chronic diseases have overlapping, shared risk factors and rates are increasing, resulting in growing medical costs and adverse personal and social consequences. A collaborative approach will allow for great efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, a shared plan can better address the issue of health equity and social determinants related to chronic disease, warranting successful partnerships.

CDPC, as a forum of collaboration and communication, is working to ensure the success of the plan. Members from lead organizations,  including transportation, education, and housing, as well as representative from traditional health organizations, provide valuable expertise and diverse perspectives, guiding the implementation of the NMSSP by building statewide partnerships. The New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and control of Chronic Disease will result in a more coordinated, concerted effort that taps into the skills, talents and experience of a diversity of organizations.

Please click the following link to read over the NMSSP and understand the work of CDPC.