Prediabetes Workgroup

The prediabetes workgroup was formed in 2013 to address the following priority in the New Mexico Shared Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease:

Diabetes Strategic Priority #1: actively implement best practices that are known to work in communities statewide to stop the progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes.
Objective 1:  develop a pre-diabetes training infrastructure for all members of the healthcare team.

The workgroup has developed a prediabetes fact sheet for providers (Prediabetes Fact Sheet) that includes diagnostic coding information. Other workgroup activities includes community education about prediabetes at professional conferences and medical assistant trainings.

Goals for 2015:

  1. Increase provider awareness of the risk factors that contribute to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, with a focus on Gestational Diabetes, with fact sheet, checklist, or other materials. Goal is completion of a fact sheet to distribute to providers by the end of the year. Audience includes OB/Gyns, family practice providers including physicians, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives. The goal is to distribute factsheet to 25-30 providers in New Mexico.
  1. Link NDPP information and other programs with the CDPC website, medical societies, and other organizations.
  1. 1) Evaluate effective methods of communicating diabetes prevention to the provider community; 2) develop a comprehensive action plan for provider communication; and 3) implement plan to communicate with the prediabetes provider community. Examples of communication to providers could include prevention presentations, trainings, and documentation.

Upcoming 2016 Meeting Dates: Location-UNMH

  • July 25: 10-11am
  • October 3: 10-11am
  • December 5: 10-11am

National Diabetes Prevention Programs:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list of recognized or pending recognized sites:


New Mexico Prediabetes and Diabetes Fact Sheet June 2015

Contact the Chairs:

  • Christine Calvin

UNMH Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Education

  • Lisa Taylor

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