New Mexico Chronic Disease Prevention Council has launched a multiple chronic disease video that gives awareness to those who are suffering from multiple chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, tobacco use, cancer, and arthritis. It gives viewers the opportunity to connect with resources in order to overcome their multiple chronic diseases.

The video features Wesley Pulkka, who has had cancer, heart disease, is prediabetic, and has struggled with weight control and was a smoker. Pulkka is now 73 and he has had to learn a great deal about his life and health and how to manage chronic diseases that impact many New Mexicans, including his participation in the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

Update on life from Wes: I have really gotten back to the studio since Feb. ’14 and have 8 pieces in the works at the moment. I did lose 58 of my 60 pound goal and am aiming to rid myself of another 10-15 pounds. The docs have cut way back on my heart meds and I’m able to maintain a 3 mph walking speed over a two to three mile stroll through the park every day. I can even run flat out for more than 50 yards! I feel great and have the most sustainable energy I’ve had in 20 years. My contract at the Journal has been renewed for 2 more years and I’ll celebrate my 73rd birthday on May 17th. Emily has a solo show coming up at Sumner and Dene in Jan. ’16. I hope folks get the gist of the video because the things we discussed on tape really do work.