End of Year Reports

The Chronic Disease Prevention Council (CDPC) has worked since 2011 with an external evaluator, Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center (WYSAC). Three end of year report have been developed for CDPC by WYSAC showing work outscoring and the progress of the New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease.

CDPC End of Year Report 2017

CDPC End of Year Report 2016

CDPC End of Year Report 2015

CDPC End of Year Report 2014 

CDPC End of Year Report 2013

Other CDPC evaluation activities include reporting of each quarterly meeting to determine membership needs and make changes for continuous quality improvement purposes. In 2011, an evaluation day was held by WYSAC to develop logic models for CDPC with key public health leaders involved. CDPC and WYSAC have created a logic model with the Complete Streets initiative.