CDPC Health Equity Workgroup

The New Mexico Chronic Disease Prevention Council is committed to upholding the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion, within both the organization and the communities that we serve.

We are recruiting members for our new Health Equity Workgroup.  We are seeking individuals to help us establish multi-sector collaborations and relationships with diverse communities. 

There are no specific qualifications, just a passion to be part of a professional affinity group working with specific cultural networks.

We want you to bring in new skills and perspectives to help us advance health equity, facilitate ongoing training, and to identify and contribute to health equity-related improvements.

CDPC’s Health Equity Workgroup explores the public health’s role in advancing health equity with racial equity as a major priority and community engagement as a central strategy.

Health Equity Hands for website

New Mexico Health Equity Environmental Scan

Achieving health equity requires the elimination of health and healthcare disparities. Many organizations have prioritized health equity and the social determinants of health (SDoH) in the public and private sectors.

Our environmental scan provides a snapshot of what other organizations in New Mexico are doing to reduce disparities. Through literature reviews and key contact interviews we’ve compiled a list of opportunities and programs that are taking place in New Mexico to advance equity.

If you have an ongoing project you would like to share with us, please download the form and return it to Ryan C. Warner, PhD,

> Download New Mexico Health Equity Environmental Scan Form for organizations

>> Download CDPC New Mexico Health Equity Environmental Scan

CDPC Health Equity Workgroup Purpose Areas

Advocacy & Action

  • Be part of systems change with advocacy and influencing policy 
    (how do we influence funding / supports move towards better reducing inequities.
  • Operationalize health equity to “make it real”


  • Create connections / partnerships to better address the health inequities that exist.
  • Find ways to engage and partner with community members in creating greater equity
  • Create a space for learning / dialogue / discussion on the topic to explore, learn, discuss, and implement HE.

(for us and others; includes
Assessment & Communication)

  • Provide further awareness / education to other entities / partners
  • Speak and share a common language
  • Learn and be able to share information
  • Put a needed spotlight on Health Equity
  • Improve health literacy - Language of health care

National Standards for
Culturally and Linguistically
Appropriate Services (CLAS)
in Health and Health Care


CDPC Health Equity Co-Chairs

Sankirtana M. Danner, MA
Director of Health and Social Equity
Presbyterian Health Plan

Elba L. Saavedra Ferrer, BA,MS, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Comadre a Comadre Program, PI