Quarterly Meetings

Upcoming 2020 Quarterly Meetings:

 6/1/2020 - TBD
 9/1/2020 - TBD
12/1/2020 - TBD


3/31/2020 - (Due to Covid19, the first quarterly meeting was held as an online event.)

NMSSP Discussion - John Linney, Executive Director, Impact Coaching and Speaking Inc.


Prevention is Better Than A Cure - Dr. Ifeoma Achusim, Registered Nurse, Pharmacist, and Owner of Abundent Healthcare LLC

Overview: Coronavirus is a real threat as the number of infected cases continues to grow. Those with chronic health conditions including; heart disease, lung disease and diabetes are at higher risk of being infected more severely. How do we protect ourselves in this time of uncertainty?


Telemedicine in a Perfect Storm: COVID-19 and Chronic Disease - Dale Alverson, MD Founder of UNM Center for Telehealth and First Board Chair for the NM Telehealth Alliance

Overview: Review the concept of Telemedicine, discuss steps in operationalization and integration of telemedicine into healthcare services, determine how this is relevant to chronic disease prevention and management, as well as a state, national, and International perspective.


COVID-19 and The Department of HealthThomas Massaro, MD, Department of Health

Overview: Learn what the Department of Health is doing during this pandemic and their plan of action for the future.



2018 Quarterly Meetings:

“Strategies that Support and Reinforce Healthful Behaviors”


June 2017 Quarterly Meeting – “Community-Clinical Linkages Enhancement”

June 2017 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

December 2016 Quarterly Meeting – “Strategies that Support and Reinforce Healthful Behaviors”

December 2016 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

September 2016 Quarterly Meeting – “Heath Systems Interventions”

September 2016 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

March 2016 Quarterly Meeting – “Community-Clinical Linkages Enhancement”

March 2016 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

June 2016 Quarterly Meeting – “Strategies that Support and Reinforce Healthful Behaviors”

June 2016 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

December 2015 Quarterly Meeting – “Strategies that Support and Reinforce Healthful Behaviors”

December 2015 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Albuquerque Cardiovascular Disease 2015 Statistics

New Mexico Heart Disease Statistics 2014 American Heart Association

September 2015 Quarterly Meeting – “Health Systems Interventions”

September 2015 Quarterly Meeting Minutes 

Quarterly Meeting 9-15-15 Agenda

June 2015 Quarterly Meeting – First Annual Rural Health Conference Presentations

Native American Rural Health

Preventive Health, Pharmacist Perspective

Food Access in Rural and Frontier Areas

Well Man Care in Rural Settings

The Recruitment and Retention of Providers in Rural Areas

The Hispanic Asthma Network

March 2015 Quarterly Meeting – Community-Clinical Linkages Workshop

Community Clinical Linkages Overview Presentation

Community and Clinical Engagement Initiatives

How a Quality Improvement Approach Can Improve Can Improve Community Clinical Linkages

Meeting Families of Color Where They Live-Thomas

Community-Clinical Linkages Capacity-Building

New Mexico Tumor Registry Overview