The Chronic Disease Prevention Council has six current workgroups to help develop the activities of the Council and to guide the work of the New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease. Please access more information and meeting dates at the links below:


Statement of Purpose

Updated Statement of Purpose will be posted soon.

Upcoming 2016 Meetings:

Friday, December 23, 2016, 10:00-12:00pm: New Mexico Cancer Center, 4901 Lang Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109

Contact the Co-Chairs

Katharine VonRuden
Department of Health

Donna Sauter, MS, RDNMSU Cooperative Extension Service


The Communications Work Group (CWG) started meeting in 2012 to implement various communications activities of the Council. The group worked over the past year with DLF Branding, Dovya Friedman, to develop six fact sheets with community chronic disease partners. In addition, the group developed a spotlight video that highlights a New Mexican living with multiple chronic diseases. Other work done by the CWG includes social media, building community stakeholders, and the design of Council materials.


  • Continue to communicate statewide about the New Mexico Shared Strategic Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease.
  • Distribute the multiple chronic disease video to Council and partners.
  • Start the New Mexico Health Starts Here Campaign.
  • Establish an email outreach system for CDPC and workgroups, such as Constant Contact, for larger communication efforts.
  • Increase the social media presence on Facebook and other websites.
  • Engage with policy and advocacy efforts; and support our stakeholders’ and members’ communication efforts on a case-by-case basis.

Upcoming 2016 Meeting Dates

Location- New Mexico Cancer Center

August 4, 1:00-2:00pm
September 1, 1:00-2:00pm
October 6, 1:00-2:00pm
November 3, 1:00-2:00pm
December 1, 1:00-2:00pm

Contact the Co-Chairs

Dovya Friedman
DLF Branding

Paul Sanchez-Hindi
New Mexico Cancer Center Foundation


Mission Statement

The mission of the Million Hearts workgroup is to improve cardiovascular health in New Mexico.


The purpose of the Million Hearts workgroup is to gather together invested community partners to coordinate and promote activities to improve cardiovascular health.


FY18 (July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018) Goals:

  • Meet monthly to support statewide initiatives that promote cardiovascular health.
  • Create GIS map showing cardiovascular disease burden and existing resources (e.g. walking trails).
  • Identify and engage with 1 county in NM to promote cardiovascular health.

Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Workgroup Meeting 1.18.18

MH Workgroup Meeting Notes 1.18.18

January 2018 Strategic Planning Session 1.4.18

MH Strategic Planning Meeting Notes 1.4.18

Notes from Million Hearts Strategic Planning Session

Workgroups Updates

Job Opportunity

Please see the following job posting for the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Health Educator at the New Mexico Department of Health:

The Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program Health Educator position has been posted on the State Personnel Office website at

To apply, please go to the SPO website and search for position # 23563 or Job Number 2017-05099.

Contact the Chair

Julia Frisk
NM Department of Health

Information About Million Hearts


The pre-diabetes workgroup was formed in 2013 to address the following priority in the New Mexico Shared Plan for Prevention and Control of Chronic Disease:

Diabetes Strategic Priority #1: actively implement best practices that are known to work in communities statewide to stop the progression of pre-diabetes to diabetes.

Objective 1: develop a pre-diabetes training infrastructure for all members of the healthcare team.

The workgroup has developed a prediabetes fact sheet for providers (Prediabetes Fact Sheet) that includes diagnostic coding information. Other workgroup activities includes community education about prediabetes at professional conferences and medical assistant trainings.

Goals for 2015

  1. Increase provider awareness of the risk factors that contribute to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, with a focus on Gestational Diabetes, with fact sheet, checklist, or other materials. Goal is completion of a fact sheet to distribute to providers by the end of the year. Audience includes OB/Gyns, family practice providers including physicians, family nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives. The goal is to distribute factsheet to 25-30 providers in New Mexico.
  2. Link NDPP information and other programs with the CDPC website, medical societies, and other organizations.
  3. 1)Evaluate effective methods of communicating diabetes prevention to the provider community; 2) develop a comprehensive action plan for provider communication; and 3) implement plan to communicate with the pre-diabetes provider community. Examples of communication to providers could include prevention presentations, trainings, and documentation.

Upcoming 2016 Meeting Dates: Location-UNMH

July 25: 10-11am
October 3: 10-11am
December 5: 10-11am

National Diabetes Prevention Programs

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list of recognized or pending recognized sites: State.aspx?STATE=NM


New Mexico Prediabetes and Diabetes Fact Sheet June 2015

Contact the Chairs

Christine Calvin
UNMH Center for Diabetes and Nutrition Education

Lisa Taylor
First Choice- Belen



For more information about the New Mexico Allied Council on Tobacco and how you can join our efforts, please visit our website at

NMACT Mission Statement

The mission of the New Mexico Allied Council on Tobacco (NMACT) is to advocate for proven tobacco use prevention policies through statewide partnerships to reduce disease and death from commercial tobacco abuse.  We accomplish our mission by working to strengthen partnerships and collaborations, including educating partners about effective, research-based practices; educating partners about risks posed by emerging tobacco products, non-FDA approved nicotine delivery systems or devices, and current tobacco industry tactics; and educating partners about emerging science and the changing knowledge base of tobacco control.  Through these activities, we develop advocacy priorities and strategies that lead to positive tobacco legislative processes.


  • Establish a tobacco use prevention policy advocacy network statewide beyond NM ACT.
  • Establish an effective system of communication that can be accessed and activated by tobacco prevention statewide partners.
  • Establish a protocol to prioritize tobacco policy issues to reduce harm based on best practices, data, available resources, community readiness, and activities from the opposition.

Recognizing that tobacco is a primary risk factor in many chronic diseases, this CDPC workgroup aims to bring together community partners interested in working on tobacco control policy issues statewide. This will be accomplished by building and enhancing the capacity of the workgroup participants to advocate for tobacco policy to reduce tobacco use and the harmful and addictive use of tobacco (e.g., cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco products, etc.) outside of beneficial traditional, sacred or ceremonial purposes.

The workgroup will provide input to CDPC and the New Mexico Tobacco Use Prevention and Control (TUPAC) Program on efforts to develop effective, culturally-appropriate, evidence-based strategies that address tobacco use in youth and adults in New Mexico. Special attention will be paid to addressing health disparities in vulnerable populations that are targeted by the tobacco industry.

Focus Areas: multi-unit housing, e-cigarettes, smoke-free campuses, licensing, point of sale marketing

Contact the Co-Chairs

Lacey Daniell
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Alex Ross-Reed
Fierce Pride

Tobacco Control Resources in New Mexico

American Lung Association in New Mexico

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

Department of Health, Tobacco Use Prevention and Control

NMACT Website